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Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page or FAQ for details.

A new book titled “QuickTest Professional (2nd Edition)” is now available from author Vinnakota Ravi Sankar.  I was honored to be asked by Ravi to write the foreward for this book.  Instead of writing a separate review for the book, I feel the foreword I wrote sums it up.  It is included below as a review.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.  Before you ask, I did not receive and will never receive any compensation from the sale of this book.  I hope many of you find it useful.

From the Foreward

When I first learned QuickTest Professional (QTP), my only resource was the documentation provided with the software. This primarily consisted of a tutorial and reference guide. Having been a WinRunner user for many users (the functional testing tool replaced by QTP), I was able to draw on that experience to translate my knowledge to the up-and-coming product. Even with that background, I was not certain how Actions would fit into the function-based frameworks I used in WinRunner. VBScript, the scripting language behind QTP, also opened up a world of new opportunities for programming my automated tests. There were no “best practices” because the tool was too new, and certainly no reference books available. I had many questions, and access to few answers.

Fortunately, the landscape of knowledge around QTP has dramatically changed, and this book is a prime example of the fantastic resources new users have available. Help files and user guides typically offer a narrow view of the product features with basic information and maybe a brief example. This book will take you further by introducing those topics from the viewpoint of an experienced user. Topics are littered with discussion about the feature and many verbose examples are provided to further drive home the message.

Part I of this book focuses on QTP and the many features that fuel this powerful tool. New users of QTP will especially appreciate the first half as it takes you through a tour of the functionality that will guide your automation efforts, but even experienced users may learn something new. The second half caters to more experienced users by diving deeper into the concepts of the tool and illustrating those topics through extensive discussion of real usage scenarios with detailed samples and case studies. Presentations of best practices and automation frameworks will help you lean on the experience of the author to get your automation project started quickly and efficiently.

Part II of the book shifts its focus to VBScript. QTP users quickly realize that you need to learn VBScript in order to effectively use QTP. The fundamentals of this scripting language are an essential skill, and this book demonstrates not only the features of the language, but how you can use it specifically to solve many of the challenges we face in test automation.

You have the opportunity to read an unbiased account of QTP translated from years of experience. Today’s QTP user does not have to be left with unanswered questions. While the book primarily focuses on version 9.2 of QTP, it also highlights version-specific features and spends several chapters discussing the evolution of the tool through version 11. In the end, readers will have a single reference that covers many topics from beginner to expert.

Patterson Consulting, LLC of Tennessee is in the process of closing and all operations will cease effective March 1, 2022. Please refer to our company page for details.