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Build Process


The Build Process is a distinctive feature of Test Design Studio that brings project-based maintenance of your testing assets to a new level. This comprehensive process varies based on the type of project you are building, and can be customized to meet your individual needs. The Build Process is configured on a project-by-project basis through the Project Property Pages.

Feature Summary

Generate Documentation

All project types allow you to update your detailed documentation during the Build Process based on settings defined on the Documenter page.

Unified Functional Testing Project Features

In addition to standard features, additional options are available to Unified Functional Testing projects. These options are outlined on the UFT Property Pages.

These settings allow you to configure and automatically update a Startup Script for your project. You may also globally update many aspects of all your tests including function libraries, object repositories, and required add-ins.

Executing the Build Process

To execute the Build Process for a solution, simply select Build -> Build Solution from the main menu. This will execute the Build Process for each project in the solution.

To execute the Build Process on an individual project, first select that project in the Solution Explorer. You may then select Build -> Build <Project Name> from the main menu. The Build Process will then commence for the selected project only.

Tip:   The Build command is also available on the context-menu of the project within Solution Explorer.

Viewing Build Progress

All output from the Build Process can be viewed in the Output Window. Select Build as the Output Provider.

Customizing the Build Process

In addition to the many options that can be configured through Build Property Pages, you can define special commands to be executed immediately before and after the execution of the Build Process. These commands are called Build Events and can be configured on the Build Events Property Page.