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HTML Help Compiler

Installing HTML Help Compiler

Test Design Studio utilizes the free Microsoft HTML Help Workshop to compile HTML Help Files. Without this application, you will only be able to generate web content. You may download the HTML Help Workshop from the Microsoft Download Center. You can try clicking here or by searching for HTML Help Workshop and Documentation.

HTML Help Compiler Error HHC6003

Some installations of the HTML Help Compiler will report the error code HHC6003 referencing file itircl.dll. In fact, Unified Functional Testing has a documented issue where this error is often received after installing Unified Functional Testing. This is typically caused by the itcc.dll file being missing or improperly registered. Check if the following file exists on your system:


If it does not exist, use the links above to download and re-install the HTML Help Workshop. If it does exist, it probably just needs to be re-registered on your system. You can re-register the file by executing the following command from a Command prompt or the Run window.

regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\itcc.dll
Note:   The exact path to the itcc.dll file may vary based on your system configuration.