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Find / Replace in Files

The Find and Replace in Files feature allow you to search within files that are not already open in the editor as well as those files that are already open. This includes files that are stored on an HPE Application Lifecycle Management server.

Defining the Search

The following options are available for Find in Files or Replace in Files operations:
Find whatSpecifies the text for which you are searching.
Replace with(Quick Replace Only) Specifies the text that will replace instances of the Find what text.
Look inDetermines the scope of the search. Options include "Current Document", "All Open Documents", "Current Project", and "Entire Solution". You may also type specific folders to search and separate multiple folders using the semi-colon (;). Click the ... button for advanced search folder options (see Choosing Search Folders below).
Include sub-foldersWhen custom search folders are specified for Look in, this option indicates if sub-folders to those paths should also be included in the search.
Match caseWhen checked, the search is case-sensitive.
Match whole wordWhen checked, partial matches within words are ignored.
UseWhen checked, you are allowed to specify an option for the Find what text. Available options:
  • Regular Expressions - Indicates that the Find what text represents a regular expressions pattern.
  • Wildcards - Indicates that the Find what text represents a wildcard-based pattern.
Look at these file types Defines the types of files to include in the search using wildcard characters. Multiple patterns can be separated using a semi-colon (;). For instance, to only search files with the "vbs" or "qfl" file extension, enter *.vbs;*.qfl. When blank, all files are searched.
Note:   Certain file extensions are always excluded from search. See Find and Replace Options for details.
Find results 1 or 2 windowSpecifies which Find Results window will display the results of your search.
Display file names only(Find in Files Only) Indicates if only file names should be displayed in the Find Results instead of full names.
Keep modified files open after Replace All(Replace in Files Only) When checked, all files that are modified during a Replace All operation will remain open in the editor. This allows you to review the changes before they are saved.

Executing the Search

The following commands are available for executing and controlling your search:
Find All(Find in Files Only) Begins the search operation. Monitor the Find Results window for progress of the search or to cancel it before completion.
Find Next(Replace in Files Only) Begins or continues searching in files for the next match. When a match is found, the corresponding file is opened in Test Design Studio with the match highlighted.
Replace(Replace in Files Only) Replaces the currently highlighted match and attempts to find the next match. If found, that match is highlighted in the corresponding editor.
Skip File(Replace in Files Only) Stops processing the current file and continues searching for a match in the next file.
Replace All(Replace in Files Only) Replaces all matches in all files.

Choosing Search Folders

To more easily specify the folders to include in a search, click the ... button next to the Look in drop-down. This will open the Choose Search Folders dialog.

Note:   This is the only way to include ALM folders in the search.

You may either select a pre-defined Folder set or use the Available folders control to browse to folders on your file system or ALM server. When you find a folder to include, click the > button to add that folder to Selected folders list. You may remove a folder from the Selected folders list by selecting that item and pressing the < button.

You may optionally store the current folder selections as a Folder Set. To do so, simply enter a name for the set in the Folder set drop-down and click the Apply button. You may remove an already configured Folder Set by selecting that item and clicking the Delete button.

Working with Application Lifecycle Management Version Control

Since the Replace All operation allows you interact with files stored in HPE Application Lifecycle Management, a possibility exists that one or more files that require updates are under version control within HPE Application Lifecycle Management. When possible, Test Design Studio will automatically check out files that require updates and check in the file after the updates are applied.

Note:   Automatic check in will not occur if the file is left open after the Replace All operation (i.e. when the Keep modified files open after Replace All is checked or if the file was already open in an editor before Replace All was performed.