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Incremental Search

Incremental Search is a feature that allows you to easily search for text in the current document without any blocking UI that is typical with Find/Replace dialogs. To begin Incremental Search, press the keyboard shortcut Ctlr+I to start searching forward, or Ctrl+Shift+I to start searching backwards. The status bar will then display Incremental Search: or Reverse Incremental Search: to match the shortcut you pressed.

With Incremental Search active, begin typing your search term. The characters you type will not be entered in the editor, but, instead, will be used to define the search. As each character is typed, Incremental Search will move the selection to the first match and the status bar will be updated to display your search term to help confirm what you have typed (e.g. Incremental Search: MySearchTerm). If at any point you have typed a term that is not matched in the text, the status bar will display (not found) after your search term.

Once you have defined your search term, you can easily navigate to all the matches for the same term. No matter whether your started with Ctrl+I or Ctrl+Shift+I, pressing Ctrl+I while Incremental Search is active will move forward to the next term, and Ctrl+Shift+I will move backwards to the previous term. Continue issuing either of these keyboard shortcuts to navigate through all the matched terms.

Incremental Search mode will be automatically cancelled if you change the selection with mouse or keyboard. You can manually cancel Incremental Search with the Esc key.