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IntelliSense Member List

Test Design Studio offers a wide variety of items available from the IntelliSense Member List. The member list is displayed by selecting Edit -> IntelliSense -> List Members from the Main Menu.

Use the Up and Down cursor keys or mouse to navigate through the list and review the list of options. As you pause on each item, a popup will display detailed information about that item (when available). The member list contains entries for the following items:

The member list automatically updates based on the text you type and will try to select the closest match. Insert the selected item by pressing the Tab key or double-clicking the item with the left mouse button. Using the IntelliSense Member List to lookup the names of known items can improve your scripting efficiency and greatly reduce typing or spelling errors.

IntelliSense Parameter Info

The details about a function call are readily displayed using the IntelliSense Parameter Info feature. The parameter information is automatically displayed when Test Design Studio detects that you are calling a function.

The parameter information tells you the details about the function call as well as the current parameter. You may also notice up and down arrows displayed on either side of the text '1 of x'. This indicates that there are multiple ways to call the same function. In the case of the 'MsgBox' VBScript function illustrated in this example, there are 3 additional ways to call the same function with additional parameters. This means you can call 'MsgBox' using just the one parameter, or expand your call to include up to four parameters. Test Design Studio will make sure you are aware of the available ways to call the function and how each parameter is used.

By either using the Up and Down cursor keys or by clicking the 'Up' and 'Down' images in the parameter information tooltip, you can cycle between the available uses of the function.

As you cycle through the available function calls, the description of the function may change based on the context of the additional parameter information. Additionally, the details about the parameter will be changed based on the location of the caret in the parameter list. In the sample below, note that the parameter information changed to reflect the details of the second parameter after the comma was entered and the caret moved to the next parameter position.

Press the Esc key at any time to hide the parameter information. Select Edit -> IntelliSense -> Parameter Info from the main menu to re-display parameter information.

IntelliSense Quick Info

The IntelliSense Quick Info feature allow you to hover the mouse over various text items in the editor to see details about that item. You can hover over the name of a function/sub, constant, variable, parameter, or class member. If the name is recognized, quick information will be displayed in a tooltip.

The following Quick Info was displayed after hovering the token over the VBScript function 'MsgBox'.

The text '(+3 overloads)' indicates that there are 3 additional sets of parameters that can be used for the 'MsgBox' statement (i.e. one parameter, two parameters, three parameters, or four parameters). You can also display quick information by placing the caret within the name of the item and selecting Edit -> IntelliSense -> Quick Info from the main menu.