Connecting to ALM
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Connecting to ALM

Before you can interact with an Application Lifecycle Management server, you will need to establish a connection. This is done by selecting Tools -> ALM Connection from the main menu.

Warning:    Test Design Studio uses API's for ALM that are not available by default. You must perform the client registration to install and configure those API's before Test Design Studio can connect. See HP ALM Client Registration from the ALM server Tools page for more information.

To initiate the connection, you only need to provide the URL of your server and your login credentials. If you want Test Design Studio to automatically reconnect to this server every time you launch the application, check the Automatically connect to this server option. Your credentials are securely stored on your machine. Click the Connect button to attempt to connect to the server. If everything is correct, the connection will be established and the available projects on the server will display in the Server Explorer tool window.

If you are already connected, simply click the Disconnect button to disconnect from the server.