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Matching Character and Keywords Pairs

Keeping track of matching braces in symbolic languages can be critical for ensuring the accuracy of your code. Test Design Studio makes it easy.

Note:   The following features are only available for editors based on the VBScript and JScript languages.

Highlight Matching Braces

When the caret is positioned immediately to the left of an opening brace character [ { ( or immediately the right of a closing brace character ] } ), the two matching braces will be highlighted in the editor. This makes it easy to determine if you have entered the appropriate number of opening and closing braces.

Note:   This feature can be turned on/off using Text Editor General Options.

Go to Brace Commands

The Go to Brace and Go to Brace Extend commands make navigating between braces quick and easy. When the caret is positioned next to any recognized brace character or keyword pair, executing the Go to Brace command will move the caret to the matching brace or keyword. The Go to Brace Extend command works the same as the Go to Brace command except it will extend the current selection to the matching brace (i.e. select all the text between braces).

By default, these command are not in the standard menu system and must be activated using the respective keyboard shortcuts. The default keyboard shortcuts are:

Automatic Delimiter Highlighting

An additional feature to help manage matching characters and keyword pairs is Automatic Delimiter Highlighting. After typing the last character or keyword in a recognized pair of characters, the corresponding items will be temporarily highlighted in the text editor using a bold font. This highlighting goes away after two seconds or after another character is typed in the editor.

For example, when typing a string expression that is enclosed in quotation marks, the entire string will be highlighted after typing the last quotation mark.

As a second example, when you type the closing keyword End If in a VBScript 'If' statement, the corresponding If...Then statement is highlighted.

Note:    This feature can be turned on/off using Text Editor General Options.

Recognized Braces and Delimiters

For the VBScript language, Test Design Studio will recognize the following characters and keyword pairs for the Go to Brace commands and Automatic Delimiter Highlighting features.

Standard Character Pairs

The following characters pairs are recognized: [ ], { }, ( ), " ".

VBScript Keyword Pairs

In VBScript, the following keyword pairs are recognized: