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New File Item Templates


When creating a new file by selecting File -> New -> File... from the Main Menu, you are presented with the New File dialog. This dialog allows you to specify the type of new file to be created based on the list of built-in and user-defined templates.

File Categories

A category is used to group and categorize the available new file templates within the New File dialog. When a category is selected in the Categories tree, all new file templates that are available for that category will be displayed. For instance, select Unified Functional Testing to see the new file templates available for Unified Functional Testing.


Test Design Studio uses a powerful templating feature to generate new files. Select any template and a brief summary of that template will be displayed immediately below the Categories and Templates controls. The selected template will be used to create the new file.

User Templates Folder

In addition to the available built-in templates, you may create your own new file templates as well. These templates will be available side-by-side with the built-in templates. The location of the user new file templates are specified using Projects and Solutions Options.

The entry for User new file templates location defines the path where user new file templates are stored. By default, this path is located under the <My Documents>\Test Design Studio\Templates\NewFileTemplates folder, but you may set the path to any desired setting. For instance, you could set the location to a shared folder on a network server so all users will have access to the same templates.

Indicating Category

The folder structure used under the new file templates folder determines the grouping used in the Categories tree of the New File dialog. You must create a least one sub-folder under the new file templates folder to place your templates within. That sub-folder will determine which category the template will appear under. For instance, if you place your templates under a General sub-folder, they will appear under the General category.

Warning:   If you place your new file templates directly within the new file templates folder, they will not be available.
Note:   When using the Large Icons view, user templates are grouped below the built-in templates under the heading My Templates.

Customizing Templates

See Customizing Templates for details on how to customize new file templates.