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The Options dialog is displayed by selecting Tools -> Options from the main menu. Then select Environment -> Documenter from the tree on the left.

These settings are used to configure and customize the Documenter.

Setting Description
Stylesheets location Specifies the location of the directory containing the XML stylesheets that are used to generate the HTML output of the documenter. If you customize your stylesheets, it is recommended that you place those customizations in a different folder and specify that folder here. The default folder might be overwritten with new installations, so this will ensure your customizations are maintained.
Resource location Specifies the location of the resources used by the generated HTML pages. Resources include image file, cascading stylesheets, client scripts, or any other file needed for HTML representation.
Web resource location Similar to Resource location, specifies the location of the resources used specifically when Web output is generated by the documenter.
User resource location Specifies the location of user-defined content to be used by the documenter. The content of this folder will overwrite the content of the Resource location and Web resource location folders, so this location can be used to hold customizations to the default resources.
HTML Help Compiler location The documenter requires the Microsoft HTML Help Compiler to build HTML Help files. Specify the location of the hhc.exe application here (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\HTML Help Workshop\hhc.exe on 64-bit operating system).
Default configuration file A configuration XML file is used to provide the structure of the documenter output. Specify the location of that file here.