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The Options dialog is displayed by selecting Tools -> Options from the main menu. Then select Environment -> Startup from the tree on the left.

Setting Description
At startup Specifies the action to perform when Test Design Studio is launched. Possible actions include:
Open Home PageThe Test Design Studio home page is loaded in the Web Browser.
Load Last Loaded SolutionThe last loaded solution or project will be reloaded.
Show Open Project DialogThe Open Project dialog is displayed so that you may open an existing project.
Show New Project DialogThe New Project dialog is displayed so that you may create a new project.
Show Empty EnvironmentThis option essentially does nothing at startup and leaves you with an empty environment.
Show Start PageThe Start Page is displayed.
Start Page RSS Feed The full URL to the RSS feed that will be displayed on the Start Page. You can subscribe to the Test Design Studio RSS feed by entering the following value: http://www.patterson-consulting.net/test_design_studio.xml.
Download content every... Select this option to automatically check for new content and then specify the interval in minutes that must elapse between subsequent downloads.