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Projects and Solutions

The Options dialog is displayed by selecting Tools -> Options from the main menu. Then select Projects and Solutions from the tree on the left.

Setting Description
Projects location The default location where new Test Design Studio solutions and projects will be created.
User project templates location The location where custom user project templates are stored.
User project item templates location The location where custom user project item templates are stored.
User new file templates location The location where custom user new file templates are stored.
Before build Defines the file action to perform before beginning a Build Process. The following options are available:
Save all changesSaves changes to all items before building.
Save changes to open documents onlySaves changes only to items that are currently open for editing. Changes to a project or solution, for instance, would not be saved.
Prompt to save all changesThe user will be prompted to save changes to any modified files.
Do not saveNo files will be saved.
Track active item in Solution Explorer When this setting is active, the Solution Explorer will automatically select and display the active document.
Show Output window when build starts When this setting is active, the Output Window will be displayed when a new Build Process is started.
Auto save project when new files are added When this setting is active, your project will automatically be saved any time you add new files to the project.
Perform code analysis on solution after opening

When this setting is active, static code analysis will automatically be performed on an entire solution after it is opened. Since many files in the solution may have been edited outside of the Test Design Studio environment, performing code analysis will help identify any issues that may have been introduced.

Tip:   Code analysis can be an intensive task on poor-performing hardware. You may want to disable this option if you encounter performance issues after opening a solution.