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The Options dialog is displayed by selecting Tools -> Options from the main menu. Then select Text Editor -> General from the tree on the left.


Setting Description
Go to selection anchor after escape The anchor is the offset where a selected range starts. When text is selected and you press the Esc key, this option determines if the caret moves to the anchor or end of the selected range.
Drag and drop text editing Toggle the ability to edit text by dragging and dropping within the editor. This setting does not impact your ability to drop text that was dragged from outside the editor.
Automatic delimiter highlighting Toggles automatic delimiter highlighting.
Highlight matching braces Toggles highlight matching braces.
Track changes Toggles the track changes feature.
Highlight active line Toggles if the active line will be highlighted in the editor.
Perform code analysis on text changes

This option toggles if code analysis is automatically performed on an edited document after the text is modified. Any changes to a document will invalidate the previous analysis results, so automatically updating the results after a change in the document will ensure the Error List is kept up-to-date. When this option is turned off, code analysis will be performed when you close the document or manually execute the operation using the Tools -> Perform Code Analysis for Current File command from the main menu.

Tip:    Because the code analysis runs in the background while you are editing a document, this can cause performance issues on some machines. Those users who are experiencing poor performance while editing a document should consider turning this option off.


Setting Description
Selection margin Toggles the selection margin that is used to aid selection of multiple lines of text.
Indicator margin Toggles the indicator margin that is used to display indicator icons like the bookmark indicator.
Vertical scroll bar Toggles the appearance of the vertical scroll bar.
Horizontal scroll bar Toggles the appearance of the horizontal scroll bar.