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Project Item Templates

Test Design Studio uses a powerful templating feature to create new files for a project. These templates are set up for individual project types, so each type of project will have its own set of templates. For example, a Unified Functional Testing project will have templates to create new tests, object repository files, environment files, and other relevant file types.

User Templates Folder

In addition to the available built-in templates, you may create your own project item templates as well. These templates will be available side-by-side with the built-in templates. The location of the user project item templates is specified using the Projects and Solutions Options.

The entry for User project item templates location defines the path where user project item templates are stored. By default, this path is located under the <My Documents>\Test Design Studio\Templates\ItemTemplates folder, but you may set the path to any desired setting. For instance, you could set the location to a shared folder on a network server so all users will have access to the same templates.

Customizing Templates

See Customizing Templates for details on how to customize project item templates.