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This page is used to configure settings specific to Unified Functional Testing. The following options are available:
Required add-insSpecify the add-ins that are required for your Unified Functional Testing project. These add-ins can be synchronized to your tests during the Build Process and used to properly launch Unified Functional Testing through a startup script. Click the Get Available Addins button to query Unified Functional Testing for the available add-ins.
Note:   The Get Available Addins feature is only available to users who have Unified Functional Testing installed on the same machine as Test Design Studio.
Startup ScriptThe location of a VBScript file that can be used to configure and launch Unified Functional Testing. Defining a startup script is essential to ensure a consistent environment in team or multi-project settings, and many aspects of this file are automatically updated during the Build Process.
Execute startup script for 'Launch Unified Functional Testing' commandWhen selected, Test Design Studio will execute the startup script defined above when the user selects the 'Launch Unified Functional Testing' command. This provides a high degree of control over how the application is launched.
Search Folders A collection of folders that should be defined as Search Folders for Unified Functional Testing. These folders will be incorporated into the Startup Script.