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Working with Version Control


Test Design Studio makes it easy to manage your items under Version Control within HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by providing the same Version Control options present within the HPE Application Lifecycle Management interface.

See Opening Files from ALM for more details on opening files. Click here if you need to interact with a file that is not under version control.

When a version controlled file is opened from ALM that does not already exist on the local file system, the current version of that file will be automatically downloaded for local processing. When displayed in the Solution Explorer tool window, all files stored in ALM will have an ALM icon displayed behind the file indicator icon. This serves as a visual indicator that the file does not reside solely on the local file system.

You will also see an overlay icon to indicate the current status of the file. The following status icons are in use:
Indicates you have checked out and locked the file.
Indicates another user has locked the file.
Indicates you are currently working with a version of the file that is not the current version.

Commands available to ALM files under version control are accessed by right-clicking the file node in the Solution Explorer tool window and expanding the ALM sub-menu. When the sub-menu is displayed, a label at the top of the menu indicates the status of the file (i.e. version in use and lock status).

Check Out for Edit

When a file is not currently locked by another user, you may check out that file for editing using the Check Out for Edit command. You will be prompted to enter comments regarding the reason for the checkout.

Check In

If you have previously checked out a file, you may check in those changes using the Check In command. You will be prompted to finalize the comments for that version and supply a new version number. You may also choose to keep the file checked out for additional edits.

Note:   ALM does not allow you to specify the version number of most files when performing a check in. The next version number will be automatically assigned.

Undo Checkout

If you have previously checked out a file and do not want to save your changes, use the Undo Checkout command. Any changes you made will be discarded and the lock will be removed from the file.


Use the History command to open the Version History dialog.

Note:    HPE Application Lifecycle Management only allow you to view the history of Tests in the Test Plan module.

This dialog allows you to view summary information about the available versions of a file as well as execute many of the standard version control commands.


Use the Refresh command to instruct Test Design Studio to refresh the versioning information. This may be necessary if updates to the server have not been recognized by Test Design Studio.