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Start Page

The Start Page is displayed by selecting View -> Start Page from the main menu. It contains quick links and other useful content related to the Test Design Studio. Some of the regions displayed on the page are:
Recent ProjectsA list of recently opened solutions/projects. Clicking a link will open the corresponding. You may also click the Open Project... and Create Project... links.
Getting StartedA list of help topics to help you get started using Test Design Studio.
News ChannelA list of topics from an RSS news feed. The source of the feed is set through Startup Options. By default, a feed of Test Design Studio news will be displayed (http://www.patterson-consulting.net/test_design_studio.xml), but you can configure any valid RSS feed.
Note:   You must have an internet connection to display the RSS feed.
You can set the Start Page to display automatically when you load Test Design Studio through Startup Options.