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Syntax Checking

Note:   This feature is currently only available on VBScript-based files like those used by Unified Functional Testing.

Syntax Checking

Syntax checking ensures that the structure of your code conforms to the rules defined by the language. If you do not use the valid syntax, your scripts cannot be properly processed and will not execute. This is the only level of analysis you receive with Unified Functional Testing. Unified Functional Testing will typically verify the syntax of your code when you save your changes. You can also optionally choose to check the syntax by selecting a command from the menu system. The biggest problem with this approach is that you may have made several edits before checking your syntax. When an error is reported, it is not always clear which edit caused the syntax violation.

Test Design Studio provides the same syntax validation, but does so in real time as you type! The minute you make an error, you are immediately notified of the error directly in the editor by a red underline. This immediate feedback means you do not have to waste time researching which edit caused the error, and results in improved productivity while writing your code.

Note:    All of the syntax errors are displayed in the Error List tool window.

Syntax checking is only half of the analysis performed by Test Design Studio. Once your syntax is validated, Test Design Studio perform static code analysis to ensure you are using your code properly.