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Using Non-Default Editors

Test Design Studio provides a default editor for most types of files. Sometimes, you may want to open your file in a different editor or perhaps even open the file outside of Test Design Studio. This is done using the Open With... option available on many of the tool windows and dialogs in the application. A typical scenario would be a non-text file type used by your company that Test Design Studio defaults to opening with the internal text editor. You can define a specific external editor to use as the default editor instead.

Using the 'Open With...' Command

The Open With... command is available in a variety of locations with Test Design Studio.

Open File Dialog

When a file is selected in the Open File dialog, select the drop-down arrow portion of the Open button to reveal the Open With... command.

New File Dialog

When a template is selected in the New File dialog, select the drop-down arrow portion of the Open button to reveal the Open With... command.

Solution Explorer

From the context menu of a file in the Solution Explorer tool window, the Open With... command will be displayed.

'Open With' Dialog

When you select the Open With... option, the following dialog is displayed:

Note:   The programs listed will vary based on the type of document.
This allows you to choose the program that will be used to open the file. The program list includes the following:
Program TypeDescription
Internal EditorsAll internal editors defined for the document are displayed. At least one internal editor is typically available, but there are instances where no internal editors are available. These editors cannot be removed from the list.
Associated EditorIf the Windows Shell has associated an 'Edit' or 'Open' command with the document's file extension, this external editor will be displayed. The associated editor cannot be removed.
User ProgramsYou have the ability to define your own program to use for the document type. Any programs you have defined will be listed and are the only programs that can be removed from the list.
Click the OK button to open the document in the editor specified.

Setting the Default Program

When Test Design Studio executes the Open command on any document, the default program will be used based on the type of file being opened. Many common file types are pre-configured to use a specific internal editor or external program, but you have the option to change the default behavior. For instance, HTML files are configured to open, by default, in the internal HTML text editor. If you prefer to see the rendered content of the page instead of the source, you can change the default program to Web Browser. This will load the page in the internal browser instead of viewing the source of the file.

To set the default program, use the Open With... command on the type of document whose default program you would like to change. Select the desired program in the Open With dialog, and click the Set as Default button. The next time the Open command is executed for that document type, the new default program will be used instead.

Working with User-Defined Programs

If the internal editors or associated editor do not serve your needs, you can define your own program. Use the Open With... command on the type of document for which you would like to add a user-defined program. From the Open With dialog, click the Add... button. The Add Program dialog will be displayed.

Enter the full path to the program file for the editor you would like to define. You may use the ... button to browse for the file. Then define the Friendly name to be used when displaying the program in the available programs list. When complete, click the OK button to add the program to the list of available programs. You may now open your document with this program or set it as the default program to use.

You may remove a user-defined program at any time by selecting it in the list and clicking the Remove button.