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Set Up

To guide you through the available features, we have provided a sample solution that you can work with. To avoid making changes to the provided sample solution, we will first need to copy the samples to a new location.

Step 1 - Create Folder for Samples

Create a new folder on your local hard drive called Test Design Studio Samples (e.g. C:\Test Design Studio Samples).

Note:    You may create this folder at any location of your choosing, but the file paths in this walkthrough will refer to the path above. You will need to adjust the path based on the location you choose.

Step 2 - Extract Sample Files

You will now need to extract the contents of the Original Samples\Walkthrough.zip file from the Test Design Studio installation folder to the Test Design Studio Samples folder you created in step #1. Assuming a default install of Test Design Studio on a 64-bit operating system, the file will be located at the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Patterson Consulting\Test Design Studio\Original Samples\Walkthrough.zip

Be careful to use folder names when extracting to ensure file structure is properly maintained. If the extraction was successful, you should see a sub-folder called Walkthrough in the Test Design Studio Samples folder (e.g. C:\Test Design Studio Samples\Walkthrough).

Note:    All modern versions of the Windows operating system have built-in support for ZIP files. If you do not have access to a program that is capable of extracting files from a ZIP archive, please contact support@patterson-consulting.net and we can arrange for an alternative method to distribute the files.