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IntelliSense Quick Info

Introduction to Quick Info

The IntelliSense Quick Info feature allows you to hover the mouse over various text items in the file to see the details about that item. You can hover over the name of a function, constant, variable, parameter, or class. If the name is recognized, a quick information tooltip will be displayed.

Quick Info Demonstrated

Continuing the previous example, hover the mouse over the word StrComp in the function call. Quick Info will be displayed for the StrComp function showing similar information to what was seen when we were supplying the parameters of the function call.

The text (+1 overload) indicates that there is at least one more variation of how to use the StrComp function (i.e. one with two parameters and another with three parameters). You may also display Quick Info by placing the caret within the name of the item to look up and selecting Edit -> IntelliSense -> Quick Info from the main menu. You can use the corresponding keyboard shortcut to activate Quick Info without needing to use your mouse.

For another example of Quick Info, hover over the text vbTextCompare to see details for the corresponding constant.