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New Keyword Member List

Member List for New Classes

Instantiating instances of classes is a common activity for more advanced automation frameworks, and Test Design Studio makes it easy to know which classes are available for creation via the New keyword.


To illustrate this concept, type the following text on a blank line in the VBScript document (do not type anything after the word New):

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Set myNewClass = New

Now, insert a space after the New keyword. Test Design Studio will recognize that you are instantiated a new class and will display a member list of available classes will be displayed.

This list includes any built-in classes like RegExp as well as any user-defined classes you have defined in your function libraries! Use your Up and Down cursor keys to highlight RegExp and pause on the selection. A tooltip will be displayed that describes the purpose of the RegExp class so you can confirm if this is the class you need.

Press the Enter key to commit your selection and the text RegExp will be inserted in your document to complete the statement. Below your statement, type the variable name myNewClass followed by the . (dot) character. You will see a list of available properties and methods of the RegExp class represented by your variable.