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Open Sample Solution and Introducing Solution Explorer

Opening the Sample Solution

To continue with the walkthrough, please open the Walkthrough solution. From the File menu, select Open and then Project/Solution....

Use the Open Project dialog to browse to and select the solution from the following location and then click the Open button:

C:\Test Design Studio Samples\Walkthrough\Walkthrough.tdssln

When the solution is open, the Solution Explorer tool window will be populated with the contents of the solution.

About Solutions

The Solution Explorer is used to navigate all the files and folders that are a part of your solution and its projects. A solution is a collection of one or more projects, and each project contains individual files and folders. A project is used to organize all the files that are part of a testing effort. Most users are satisfied with having a single project in the solution. As you become more familiar with the tool, however, you may want to implement multiple projects within the same solution.

For example, imagine your company has a shared library that is used as part of the automation effort for all applications in your organization. You can create one project that organizes the shared library and another project for each of your applications. For a single application, you would create a solution in Test Design Studio that has two projects: one for your shared library and another for your application. The solution keeps these projects together without directly associating the files within each project. As you create new solutions for your other applications, they would also contain the same shared project as well as a new individual project for the additional application. This type of design helps isolate your files and improve your organizational effort.

Warning:    After Test Design Studio introduced the idea of solutions to the QuickTest community of users, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise eventually added support for a feature in Unified Functional Testing that they also call a Solution. While they share the same name and some similar concepts, they are not the same type of file.

Introduction to Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer tool window is where you can manage and interact with your solution. It contains a top-level node for the solution itself (#1 in the image above). Nested under the solution is a node for each project that is part of the solution (#2 in the image above). Since we only have one project in this solution, there is a single node for our project. In this sample, both the Solution and the Project are named "Walkthrough". Nested under the project node are all the contents of the project itself, typically organized by folders.