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Exploring a Project


Under the Project Node in Solution Explorer, expand the References node.

These are references to built-in libraries that are used by all Unified Functional Testing projects in Test Design Studio. Having these references allow you to easily access functions, classes, and properties of key language elements available specifically for use with Unified Functional Testing. The three default entries for Unified Functional Testing are:
Unified Functional Testing Objects, functions, and constants used exclusively when working with Unified Functional Testing; e.g. "Reporter" or "SystemUtil".
VBScript Objects, functions, and constants used by the VBScript programming language; e.g. "MsgBox" or "CreateObject"
HTML Document Object Model HTML DOM objects used for interacting with web applications; e.g. "HTMLDocument" or "HTMLInputElement"

Later, we will explore how you can add additional references to the project to further enhance your language capabilities.

Explore Project Contents

Take a moment to browse through the contents of the project by expanding the various folder nodes. You will notice that each file type is given a representative icon in Solution Explorer to help identify the type of file.

Managed File System

A Test Design Studio project is essentially a managed view of the underlying file system where the project is stored. All the files and folders you see listed in the project physically reside on your file system in the same folder and sub-folders of your project file (with the exception of linked files discussed later). To illustrate this organization, right-click on the Project node in Solution Explorer (#1 in the image below) and select Open Containing Folder from the context menu (#2 in the image below).

This will open Windows Explorer to the same folder where your project file is stored. For our sample project, this will be the folder C:\Test Design Studio Samples\Walkthrough\Walkthrough.

Here you will see the Walkthrough.qtpproj file that is used to store your project configuration. You will also see several files and sub-folders. Note that the files and folders you see in Solution Explorer also exist on the file system seen through Windows Explorer. If you move up one folder to C:\Test Design Studio Samples\Walkthrough, you will also see the Walkthrough.tdssln file that is used to store your solution configuration.