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Customizing Auto-Inserted Comment Template


Test Design Studio makes entering XML comments for an item easy by auto-populating an empty template when you type three comment characters on a line above a supported language item. This template varies based on the type of content of the item being described. For instance, the template of a function will include details for each parameter that was identified for the function.

Customizing the Template

If the pre-defined template does not meet your needs, you have the ability to customize the template using an XML Stylesheet. This stylesheet is called xmlcomments.xslt and is located under the <TDS Install Dir>\XML\Stylesheets directory (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Patterson Consulting\Test Design Studio\XML\Stylesheets on 64-bit operating system). This file is used by Test Design Studio to determine the content of the template, so it may be customized as needed to meet your individual needs.

Note:    While Patterson Consulting supports the ability to use an external XML Stylesheet to determine the content of an XML comment template, we do support making the customizations. Please do not attempt this task if you are unfamiliar with XML or XSL technology.
Warning:   Always backup your customized XSLT file since new installations/upgrades of Test Design Studio will overwrite your customizations.

See the comments in the xmlcomments.xslt file for additional information.

Possible Uses for Customization

The following scenarios would be ideal reasons to customize the auto-inserted comment template: