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Returning Customers

We want you back! If you previously purchased Test Design Studio licenses but let your maintenance lapse, we want to give you an opportunity to come back.

All is Forgiven!

Project needs come and go. Budgets get cut. Maybe the feature set wasn't meeting your needs in an older version. There are many reasons to let annual maintenance lapse, but now is your chance to rejoin the Test Design Studio family through our re-purchase opportunity.


Normally if you let annual maintenance expire, you would have to purchase new licenses at full price if you ever decided to come back to the tool. For a limited time, we are offering all previous customers, as far back as v1.0, an opportunity to re-purchase a license at a significant discount compared to the full price.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer is only available to customers who purchased Test Design Studio licenses before March 19, 2018, and do not have an active maintenance contract. All re-purchased licenses must be assigned to the same company.

Seat License

A seat license allows you to install the software on a single machine. Anyone can launch and use the software from that machine.
License Quantity (new purchase count)Cost Per License
1 License$1450 Discount $725
2 - 5 Licenses$1250 Discount $625
6 - 10 Licenses$1150 Discount $575
11 - 15 Licenses$1050 Discount $525
16 - 25 Licenses$1000 Discount $500
26+ Licenses$975 Discount $475

Concurrent License

A concurrent license allows you to install the software anywhere and will only limit how many people can launch the software at the same time.
License Quantity (new purchase count)Cost Per License
1 License$3750 Discount $1875
2 - 4 Licenses$2950 Discount $1475
5 - 10 Licenses$2750 Discount $1375
11 - 20 Licenses$2500 Discount $1250
21 - 30 Licenses$2250 Discount $1125
31+ Licenses$2000 Discount $1000

Request a Quote

When you are ready to rejoin the Test Design Studio family, please contact sales to request a quote. Please be sure to indicate the number of licenses you need and the licensing model (e.g. 'concurrent' or 'seat') that will meet your needs.

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